Nova Pipe

The Nova Pipe Flexy and Nova Pipe Rigid systems proposed by NPE are suitable for the evacuation of fumes from gas and oil condensing generators ; they can also be used in the exhaust of kitchen hoods fumes or for fumes deriving from cooking vapors.

The reference standards for the uses we have listed are : with regard to the condensing generators, the UNI EN 14471 while for what concerns the cooking vapors the UNI 7129 of 2008 .

The plastic material used for the production, called PPs , it must be used in applications where the temperature of exercise remains less than 120 ° C . It is not advisable to use products where the presence of UV rays , particularly low or high temperatures, can deteriorate the life of the elements prematurely.

Both systems have a housing for the EPDM gasket which has a strong resistance to acid condensates but with limited temperature resistance (T120).

  • Product as per EC regulation n ° 305/2011 marked CE
  • Conforms to UNI 11071 and EN 14471/2 standards
  • To be used only for condensing generators
  • Store away from UV rays and possibly frost.
Technical and constructive characteristics of the product
Diameter in mm. 506080100125160200250
Thickness mm.1,802.002.002,402,703,204,00-
Used PolymerPP self-extinguishing copolymer
Flexy Designation with gaskets T120 P1 W 2 O00 LI E U
Rigid Designationwith gaskets 3 incl.lips T120 H1 W 2 O00 LI E U
with gaskets standars T120 P1 W 2 O00 LI E U
Usable forPressurized fumes produced by condensing boilers
Type of gasketsGasket in Epdm (where thereare junctions)
Temperature of useMaximum 120° in continuous
Types of fuelGas oil and gas