Polymers Extrusion

NPE S.r.l., (Novaplastik polymers extrusion) the last company born from Novaplastik, has specialized in the production of condensing boiler flue systems, obtained both through moulding and extrusion of polypropylene resins.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years in moulding and extrusion technologies, NPE offers a vast range of accessories that solves any installation problem, following the strictest Italian and European regula-tions.


Flexy e Rigid

Condensation boilers fume outflow pp systems


This selection of accessories is essential to integrate the condensation and gas boilers product section.


Coaxial kits
for condensation heat generators

This product line has been specifically designed to be adaptable to most condensing boilers on the market with 60/100 and 80/125 outputs.


Roof terminals
and hat cover

The roof drainage system allows unloading and suction directly from the roof in a simple and functional way. These kits include a series of telescopic tubes that can be adapted to any type of installation and are characterized by a terminal with a diameter of 80 that incorporates the system against wind and rain.


NEW 2019

Ventilation grilles

Npe expands its product range with a new line of ventilation grilles for internal and external use in TERMOFLEX which have the main peculiarity of being flexible with a memory effect ; copper , aluminum and reversible metal grids are also part of the new catalog .